Unique Garden Cabins - with a touch of Japanese Tea Houses

Maybe the only one of its kind in Europe...

Torrang Atelier of Architecture, that designed the unique type house ”UnikaStenhus”, has now designed two unique Garden Houses named Kyoto and Nara, with influence from the traditional Japanese Tea House.

The cabin’s 3 important features are

   1. Japanese tea house roof architecture

   2. Roof top light dome with mirrors

   3. Effective use of living space despite only 15 m2 ground area

This distinguishes it from other garden cabins on the market, making it unique

The top light dome can open up to allow thorough ventilation hot summer days.

Mirrors on the 4 sides reflect the sun light into the cabin. By hanging a crystal prisma in the middle of the dome rainbow colours will appear on the cabin walls, floor or ceiling


The building area for both Kyoto and Nara is 15 m2, which is the maximum for the no-building-permission-needed Swedish “Friggebod”.

The Kyoto type has a floor area of about 10 m2 and a roof protected Japanese “Engawa” (veranda). The Nara type has a floor area of about 13 m2


Although the floor area is only 10-13 m2 it accommodates 4 beds, a mini kitchen, a reading table, a wardrobe and a dining table with chairs. Instead of reading table the cabin can accommodate wc and shower.

One could thus say that the planning is quite intelligent and space saving.

Private ceiling design